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06 Information and communication technology
06.02 IT infrastructure / computer hardware / mHealth
06.02.08 Laptops, notebooks, tablet PC, handhelds
Laptops, notebooks, tablet PC, handhelds

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We started up as the planning and production studio for a manual in 1983. At that time, it was "the analog age" that we mainly work with using pencils, glues, cutters or others by hand. "DTP or "CAD" had taken the place of them, and it have changed to "the digital age" that we use the computers for many operations. Even the age is changing, our policy "Keep creating the product which is complementary with the age and client's needs" have never changed. We work for not only computerization of manuals or technical documents but also positively work on manufacture fitting with each age such as planning and development of electron delivery by internet, product development with the latest technology or others, and we always hope to send "something everyone can understand" with the usability which do not choose the user to drive forward contents production, system development and soft wear development fitting the information and telecommunications age. All the staff always try to supply the truly helpful products by the communication with the clients through the products with "Sensation and delight of Production". WESTUNITIS, our policy is "Keep creating the product which is complementary with the age and client's needs".