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Company Figures
Number of employees > 5000
Sales volume > 500 Mio US $
Year of foundation 1955
Area of business ■Design, Research and Development Services
■Manufacturing Services
■Moulding and Extrusion

Company Profile
About us
Nypro is a plastics company. We operate 52 separate businesses in 17 countries that design plastics products, build molds used to mold plastics, perform the plastics injection molding, supply other parts needed to be assembled with plastics parts, assemble the parts and prepare them for delivery to our customer or our customer’s customer. Our customers are the world’s largest companies who use plastics in their products. They use us to make their products because we can do it better, faster and cheaper than anybody else.

Product Information Product Categories Product

Design engineering
Assembly 1 Products
Injection-moulding 1 Products
Mould tool-making

Product Information of Product Category Assembly Assembly 23.09.2009 Assembly as a key component of plastics contract manufacturing has been a Nypro strength for all of the company’s history. Starting in 1955 when Nypro was founded, the company was molding plastics parts and assembling them into flashlights for Ray-O-Vac.

Today, Nypro offers value added assembly as a much more completely defined process than in the early days. As Nypro has connected the dots in plastics processing — from product design to mold making to molding to assembly — the result has been a synergistic growth of capabilities in value added assembly.

Nypro offers assembly services from manual to high-speed automation within all of our molding plants worldwide. In addition, there are “stand-alone” assembly operations in Puerto Rico, Mexico, China and the United States.

“The result has been a synergistic growth of capabilities in value added assembly.”

Since 1955, injection molding generated the vast majority of Nypro revenues. In 2004, for the first time, injection molding provided 48% of revenues and value added services made up the rest. Leading these was assembly.

In the beginning, when Nypro was assembling flashlights, it was performed by dozens of hard-working people sitting at tables and assembling products. Today, assembly is largely an automated process, relying on robots and custom designed automatic equipment to do the job. Hand assembly in the current environment is largely reserved for rapid product launches where the time to design and build automation exceeds the total lead time available for a new product.

Assembly processes we employ include:

Welding: Ultrasonic, hot-plate, and spin

Bonding: UV adhesive, PSA, and solvent

Laser cutting, die punching, and metal forming

Application of gaskets, labels, and protective films

Product coding by laser engraving, ink jet printing, and pin stamping

In-process testing we employ includes:

Leak and flow testing

Vision inspection, optical gauging, and printed character verification

Electrical function and continuity testing

Force and torque measurement

Distance measurement and gauging

Acoustical testing

Product Information of Product Category Injection-moulding Injection Molding 23.09.2009 Since the beginning.
Nypro was founded around one injection molding machine in 1955. The original company name was Nylon Products Inc. and the company’s original mission was to be the first molding company specifically dedicated to molding DuPont’s then-new miracle material, nylon. Nylon was a highly engineered material and the original promise of Nypro was to offer highly engineered molding services that would accommodate the material’s superior features.

Within a few years, Nylon Products Inc. found itself molding dozens of different plastics materials, in addition to nylon. In 1978, the company condensed its name to Nypro Inc. The early Nypro molded everything from toothbrushes to flashlights to automatic cameras.

“Nypro has won hundreds of awards from our customers and our technical associations for our excellence with injection molding.”

Today, Nypro has more than 1400 injection molding machines in 17 countries, more machines than any other global molder, handling hundreds of thermoplastic materials. The vast majority of Nypro’s machines are less than five years old-all are high precision machines built to accommodate the most demanding requirements and extremely high volumes of the biggest and best companies in the world. Markets served include Healthcare; Electronics/telecommunications; Consumer/industrial; Automotive and Consumer Packaging.

Over the past 50 years, Nypro has expanded our ability to offer state-of-the art, innovative and integrated plastics solutions, start-to-finish.

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