NewMedical Technology, Inc.

3324 Commercial Avenue
60062 Northbrook, Illinois, USA

Phone: +1 847 412-1000
Fax: +1 847 412-1001


Company Figures
Number of employees 20-49
Sales volume 1-9 Mio US $
Export content max. 25%
Year of foundation 2003
Area of business ■Commodities and Consumer Goods for Surgeries and Hospitals

Company Profile
NewMedical Technology, Inc.
Product area : Scar Remediation, Dressings for Wounds, Rehabilitation Bandages,

NewMedical Technology is a privately owned corporation that manufactures, markets and sells NEWGEL+, an advanced silicone gel sheeting product line for the management and reduction of scars. NEWGEL+ is indicated for use on all types of scars including Keloid and Hypertrophic and is effective in minimizing all post-operative scars. Scars resulting from burns, trauma, closed chronic wounds and even acne can benefit from the use of NEWGEL+.

NEWGEL+ is manufactured and packaged in the USA, is FDA approved and carries the CE mark. NewMedical Technology is looking for suitable distributors and or partnerships in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America.

Product Information Product Categories Product

Bandage materials 2 Products
Other bandages, dressings and accessories

Product Information of Product Category Bandage materials NEWGEL+ – Scars can Disappear 08.10.2009 Scars can Disappear!!!!_____________________________
NEWGEL+ is rated as one of the best clinical products for reducing scars on the skin. NEWGEL+ is pure medical grade silicone strips, sheet and now Shapes! NEWGEL+ is soft, flexible, waterproof, reusable, latex fee, and is easy to apply and comfortable to wear.

NEWGEL+ has been successful in flattening, softening and fading discolored and raised scars because of its fine mesh material included in the product. NEWGEL+ has greater durability, preventing breakdown or disintegration over long periods of use.

NEWGEL+ is used for any type of scars including Keloid and Hypertrphic scars that are thick, raised and discolored. NEWGEL+ also works well for scars resulting from acne, accidents and trauma, burns, and post-laser surgery. Surgical scars, such as those resulting from breast augmentation, mastectomy, reconstruction or reduction procedures, abdominal surgeries, such as, C-sections, breast augmentation and plastic surgery, appendectomies heart surgery, gall bladder removal and hernia repairs. NEWGEL+ works very well for upper (HAND) and lower (LEG) extremity surgeries resulting from fracture repair, burns or other trauma.

NEWGEL+ is an FDA and CE approved product.

UniTable – Surgical Hand Table 08.10.2009 UNI-TABLE™
the most innovative surgical table in the marketplace
Radiolucent – Convenient – Easy setup

UNI-TABLE™ Innovative Design
Features The unique design of the Uni-table incorporates the most desirable features of other, more expensive hand tables and more.

Pneumatic Adjustment
The state of the art Pneumatic technology used in the “Uni-table” single leg is unique. It is the ONLY table that provides exceptionally smooth and precise height movement and adjustment.
Shape The ergonomically designed contour of the “Uni-table” maximizes surgeon comfort and patient accessibility. The extended “shelf” allows room for instrument placement during procedures and access when a second assistant is required.

The unique Carbon Fiber Composite material tabletop used in the Uni-table has the ultimate, unobstructed radiolucency demanded by today’s surgeons. The single leg design allows maximum accessibility by conventional radiograph equipment and C-arms. The “Uni-table” is particularly well suited for use with newer “mini C-arms”. The thin material minimizes the distance from
patient to C-arm essentially eliminating magnification problems.

The specific needs of modern microsurgeons have finally been met by the “Uni-table”. The contour provides simple, integrated elbow and forearm support for both surgeon and assistant. This improves comfort, which can decrease tremors due to muscle fatigue. The infinite height adjustments allow improved access with operating microscopes.
The single leg minimizes floor clutter and provides the rigid platform needed for microsurgical procedures.

Contact Persons Department/ Name Contact / e-Mail
President / Michael Hanna 3324 Commercial Avenue, Northbrook, Illinois 60062 USA
V.P. International Sales / Jeff Dziura 3324 Commercial Avenue, Northbrook, Illinois 60062 USA

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