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Year of foundation 1966
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Ethox International, Inc.
Ethox International, Inc., as part of Moog Inc, provides the medical device and pharmaceutical industries with integrated OEM design and manufacturing, sterilization, toxicology, analytical chemistry, microbiology and Ethox branded pressure infusers, patient positioners, BP cuffs, gastric lavage products, instrument holders and wound irrigation products. Ethox distributes more than 80 Ethox branded medical products in almost every country in the world. Ethox is the only contract manufacturer and life science service provider able to offer one source for all your medical and pharmaceutical needs worldwide. For more information, visit

Product Information Product Categories Product

Blood pressure equipment 1 Products
Infusion technology equipment 1 Products
Blood transfusion equipment, systems and accessories
Feeding tubes
Infusion devices
Sterilisation disinfection services
Emergency Room Equipment
Suction devices
Neonatal care equipment
Disposable articles for hospitals 1 Products
Non-woven disposable products

Product Information of Product Category Blood pressure equipment Surgi-Cuf ® Vinyl 23.10.2009
Surgi-Cuf Disposable Adult Blood Pressure Cuff Medical Hospital EthoxDisposable Adult Vinyl Blood Pressure Cuffs

The Surgi-Cuf® from Ethox International is a single patient, vinyl blood blood pressure cuff. Meeting the EN1060, SP10 and American Heart Association’s guidelines, these cuffs have the potential to reduce cross-contamination and hospital acquired infection.

Product Features

• Individually packaged for single patient use

• Available in a six sizes with single or dual connectors availability

• 100% latex free

• We also offer Ethox neonatal and SOFT varieties

• Also available from Ethox: Surgi-Cuf Standardization System

Product Information of Product Category Infusion technology equipment Infu-Surg® 23.10.2009
Disposable Pressure Infuser Bag

The Infu-Surg® is an individually packaged

disposable pressure infuser bag. Ethox

International’s Infu-Surg was designed

specifically for single patient use to

prevent cross contamination.

The Infu-Surg was recently redesigned to update its logo, color and silk-screen printing. In addition, Ethox now offers the 500ml and 1000ml models with a hook feature for single hand operation.

Product Features

• Color-coded pressure gauge

• Three-way stopcock for single-hand inflation or deflationInfu-Surg Disposable Pressure Infuser Bag Medical Hospital Ethox

• Pressure relief valve

• Externally inflatable side port

• Available in 500ml, 1000ml and 3000ml models

• Also available in hook version

• 100% latex free

Product Information of Product Category Disposable articles for hospitals Delgado Inflatable Post™ 23.10.2009
Delgado Inflatable Post Pneumatic Patient Positioner Medical Hospital EthoxP3 Pneumatic Patient Positioner

Ethox International’s P3 products are designed for optimum patient positioning, promoting circulation and respiration while eliminating potential ischemia or nerve damage. The Delgado Inflatable Post™ is a fully adjustable cushion that slides over the positioning post during surgical procedures.

Product Features

• Minimizes pressure contact points

• Compact and easy to store

• Tourniquet cuff adapters available for quick inflation

• We also offer the Shoulder-Float™ and Pelvic-Tilt™ as part of the P3 line

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