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About us

To provide the very best high-performance instruments available to the surgical community today and in the future.

To be a leader in developing new and innovative instrumentation and retractor systems for the latest surgical techniques.

Boss Instruments, Ltd., is a Surgical Instruments company which concentrates on the manufacture and continual development of specialty lines of instruments in the following areas: Ear, Nose, and Throat, General Surgery, Laparoscopy, Neurosurgery, Obstetric/Gynecology, Ophthalmic, Orthopedic, Plastic, Table Mounted Retractors, Vascular/Cardiovascular and Bariatric.

Product Information Product Categories Product

Surgical instruments and products 3 Products
Drills, hand drills
Flat and concave chisels
Vascular surgical instruments, accessories
Plaster saws and shears (including electrical)
Instruments for intervertebral disk surgery and laminectomy
Instruments for the minimal-invasive surgery, MIS
Instruments for hand and plastic surgery
Instruments for bone surgery, fracture treatment and repair
Instruments for pharynx, larynx and trachea
Instruments for accident surgery, orthopaedics and rehabilitation surgery
Instruments for ENT surgery
Instruments and apparatus for abdominal and general surgery
Instruments and apparatus for dermatology and cosmetic surgery
Instruments and apparatus for cardiac and thoracic surgery
Instruments and apparatus for ophthalmology
Instruments for tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy
Bone files and raps
bone saws
Microsurgical instruments
Minimal invasive surgery equipment
Needle holders
Neurosurgical instruments and equipment
Ear instruments and otoscopes
Bone raps, elevators, dissectors
Scissors, forceps
Silicone vascular loops
Vaginal specula
Vitrectomy instruments for vitreous and retinal surgery
Wound and abdominal wall retractors
Wound retractors, rib spreaders, wound approximators

Product Information of Product Category Surgical instruments and products Laparoscopic Instruments 05.10.2009
BOSS Instruments, Ltd. offers a cost effective alternative to single-use, Sterile, and Disposable Laparoscopy instruments featuring Interchangeable Tips and Handles.

Our product line includes the following:

Clear Flush® patented instruments
Needle Holders, Clip Appliers
Irrigation/Aspiration Accessories
Electrosurgical Dissection
Fan Retractors
Trocar Sleeves, Cannula and Trocars
Sealing Caps
Cleaning Brushes
Replacement Caps

Orthopedic Instruments 05.10.2009
BOSS Instruments, Ltd. features Orthopedic instruments that are well designed, finely crafted and durable. These instruments more than meet the rigorous demands of the orthopedic surgeon with more than 900 patterns from which to choose.

Our product line includes the following:

Bone Forceps
Cartilage, Tendon Instruments
Bone Hooks and Awls
Elevators, Dissectors, Raspatory, Bone Curettes
Wire, Pin and Cable Cutters
Files and Rasps
Pliers and Wire Twisters
Trephines, Punches, Skull Tongs
Hand Drills
Saws, Knives
Plaster Cast Instruments
Measuring Devices
Nail Instruments
Hand Instruments
Bone Screw and Plate Instruments
Hammers and Wheels
Micro Hand Instruments
Sterilizing Trays

Vascular/Cardiovascular Instruments 05.10.2009
BOSS Instruments, Ltd. offers over 1300 patterns for peripheral vascular and cardiac surgery including micro vascular FineTouchâ„¢ needle holders and forceps.

Our product line includes the following:

Dissecting Forceps
Intestinal Tissue Forceps
Lung Forceps
Tubing Clamps
Vascular Clamps, Pediatric
Vascular Clamps, Adult
Bulldog Clamps
Micro Vascular Clamps
Clamp Jaw Details
Trocar and Cannulae
Tunneling Instruments
Hooks, Dissectors, Elevators
Vein Stripper Kit
Endarterectomy Kit
Rib Spreaders
Rib Shears
Sternum Instruments
Elevators, Raspatories
Pin and Wire Cutters, Twisters
Sterilizing Cases
Microvascular Needle Holders and Forceps
NEW…Lobsterâ„¢ Retractor System

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