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Epidrum has been under development for nearly 5 years. Conceived by Dr Maan Hasan FRCA and Dr Jim Roberts FRCA, its development was initiated by the UK National Health Service.
Epidrum’s design and, in particular, its operating parameters, have been informed by original anatomical research, derived from its clinical investigation.

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Product Information of Product Category Anaesthetic equipment BENEFITS OF THE EPIDRUM 24.09.2009


Epidrum is a device intended to facilitate epidural procedures. Interposed between needle and syringe the device is charged with air to expand its diaphragm. When the needle is advanced, the sudden collapse of the diaphragm signals the needles penetration into the epidural space, providing a highly specific, positive and visual confirmation that the endpoint has been reached.

ands on the needle (instead of one) for better directional and depth control.
Visual endpoint.
Optimised pressure – minimises false positive error.
Allows the use of 18 & 19 swg needle to:
a. minimise post dural headache.
b. minimise epidural haematoma formation.
Shorter training periods.
Supervisor can monitor the signal when the trainee is performing the procedure.
Easily observed csf (cerebral spinal fluid) in the event of a dural tap.
Optimal operating parameters established by original research / clinical investigation

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