Allengers Medical Systems Limited

S.C.O. 212-214, Sector 34-A
160 022 Chandigarh, India

Phone: +91 172 3012285
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Company Figures
Number of employees 500-999
Sales volume 10-49 Mio US $
Export content max. 25%
Year of foundation 1987
Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology
Communication and Information Technology

Company Profile
About us
Since Last two decades, Healthcare providers worldwide have relied on Allengers, for high-quality Medical Technology, services and solutions. We have a market share of approximately 45% in Indian market and presently exporting our product to 57 different countries across the globe.

Product Profile:


- Line Frequency and High Frequency X-Rays.

- Mammography.

- Digital Radiography.

Surgery Ortho, Gastro and Neuro

- Line and High Frequency C-Arms.

- C-Arm Compatible Table.

- OT Tables and lights

Cardiac and Vascular Angiography

- DSA systems

- Mobile and Fixed Cath Lab

- Multi-Para Monitor







- Orthopantomograph

- Dental Chair / X-Rays

Complete IT Solutions for Hospital Management

Product Information Product Categories Product

X-ray devices and accessories 6 Products
Digital radiography equipment 1 Products

Product Information of Product Category X-ray devices and accessories High Frequency Fixed X-Ray Machines 13.11.2009
Allengers MARS Series of High Frequency X-Ray Machines are for general and specialized Radiography + Fluoroscopic applications.

v The MARS series of X-Ray machines uses HF Technology offering the following benefits:

v In the same exposure time the X-Ray output increases significantly (almost 70% more). Therefore, the mAs required in HF machines for any exam reduces by approx. half when compared to Line Frequency X-Ray machines. This means Less Motion Artifacts (Better film quality), Less Radiation hazards to Patient, Doctor and Technician.

v Negligible Skin dose to Patient due to High Frequency nature of X-Ray wave shape (very Low Ripple, almost DC like output).

v Consistent output due to active feed back. Even with the fluctuations in input voltage, the output remains stable.

For High-end Digital Fluoro applications the HF X-Ray Machines can be configured & supplied in different combinations of Image Memories, Image Intensifiers and Monitors as per users intended applications:

Image Memories: 100 frame / DIP / IQ

Image Intensifiers: (6″ / 9″ / 12”)

Monitors: (15″ / 17″)

High Frequency Mobile X-Ray Machines 13.11.2009
MARS 3.5/6/6R/15/30 KW Mobile X-ray Machines are based on Mid Range HF (40kHz) X-Ray Generation Technology.

These machines are most suitable for applications where ease of Mobility is required like in Trauma cases and Bed-side X-Rays in hospital wards. The machines are very compact, lightweight and can be taken through elevators with ease.

The HF X-Ray Generation Technology used in MARS 15/30 KW offers the following advantages over the conventional 2-pulse technology.

· Substantially lower exposure factors, (Radiation safety to Patients & Operators).

· Elimination of Motion Artifacts due to lower exposure time, (Excellent film quality).

· Negligible skin dose, (Radiation Safety to Patient).

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Life series- Mobile Cath Lab 13.11.2009
Mobile Cath Lab with Motorized “C” with speed of rotate 8˚/ sec for orbital

12˚/ sec for rotation, having angulation movement, C-Arm movement display (LAO, RAO, CAUD, CRAN) I.I. zoom size display

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Line Frequecy X-Ray Machines 13.11.2009
All purpose Medical Diagnostic X-Ray equipments cater to all the requirement of generalized and specialized Radiography, Fluoroscopy and spot filming when used with Manual or Motorized table

These units come with various combinations of Tube stands and Bucky Tables.

Tube Stands:

-Floor to Ceiling (FC)

-Floor to Ceiling with Fluoroscopy (FCF)

-Floor to Ceiling with Semi-Auto Spot Film Device (FC-SFD)

Tables with Bucky Grid

-Horizontal Bucky Table (Horizon)

- Manual hand tilt 5 Position Bucky Table (Miultipose)

-Horizontal bucky table with Floating Table top (Floatex)

- Motorized Bucky Table (Allpose)


· Digital Display of KVP,

· FmA & mAs Spot Filming at all mA Stations

· Electronic Overload

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Pride- Fixed Cath Lab 13.11.2009
Fixed Cath Lab uses digital technology for unparalleled reliability and ease of use.

All the movements are motorized and that makes the system, special and more user-friendly.

It consists of L-Arm (Floor mounted 3 Axis L-Arm) and range of movement is

LAO 45° RAO45°, CRA 55°, CAU 55° (LATERAL)

LAO 90° RAO90°, CRA 45°, CAU 45° (HEAD)

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VENUS- Mammography Unit 13.11.2009
Keeping in view the importance of diagnosis of the breast for any abnormalities, ALLENGERS VENUS series Mammography machine has been developed in close cooperation and technology from a US based company, having a strong imaging background, putting together years of experience in the medical imaging field.


- Automatic Exposure Control

- Anatomical Programme

- Stereotactic Bopsy Compatible

- Phantom

- Digital Stereotactic Biopsy System (Optional)

- Digitizer (Optional)

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Product Information of Product Category Digital radiography equipment MARS 80 DR 13.11.2009
MARS 80 (Digital Radiography System)

A versatile high resolution digital X-Ray system

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