Accurex Biomedical Pvt. Ltd.

212, Udyog Mandir No. 1, 7/C, Bhagoji Keer Marg, Mahim (West)
400016 Mumbai, India

Phone: +91 22 67446744
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Company Figures
Number of employees 100-499
Sales volume 1-9 Mio US $
Export content max. 10%
Year of foundation 1984
Area of business Laboratory Equipment

Company Profile
Accurex was founded on 18th October 1986 with an aim to establish as a manufacturer of in-vitro diagnostic products. Today, it’s core business is manufacturing and marketing of biochemistry reagents and urine analysis test strips.

Guided by clear vision and driven by enthusiasm; Accurex has gained considerable expertise in manufacturing and marketing. It has built a reputation of: a strong financial base, quality products and dynamic marketing.

Company headquarters and it’s marketing office is at Mumbai, branch offices at Delhi & Kolkata while the manufacturing facilities are located at Tarapur 100 kms. from Mumbai.

As an acknowledged leader in clinical chemistry reagents, with products equal to or better than those of competitors, including multinationals – Accurex is poised to assume a leadership position in India and Asia-Pacific region.

Information Product Categories Product

Equipment and apparatus for wards and examinations 5 Products

Product Information of Product Category Equipment and apparatus for wards and examinations AT-112 – SEMI-AUTOMATED CLINICAL CHEMISTRY ANALYZER 08.09.2009

. End point, kinetics, fixed time and absorbance

. 7 filters (340-630nm.) + 1 free position

. Reaction curve QC graph print-out

. Temperature control: Peltier elements, 25- 30- 37ºC

. Upto 112 tests can be programmed

. Memory for 3200 sample results

. Touch screen, large LCD display

. Multi-language available
AUTOPURE RANGE – System Packs for Hitachi analyzer 08.09.2009
AutoPure Alkaline Phosphatase is a reagent kit for direct quantitative determination of alkaline phosphatase in human serum and plasma on automated clinical chemistry analyzers.
AutoPure Alkaline Phosphatase is a single reagent system.
AutoPure Alkaline Phosphatase has a single step reconstitution. It involves reconstitution of susbstrate tablet with diluent.
With AutoPure Alkaline Phosphatase, the assay is linear upto 2000 IU/I (33.4 µkat/l)

AUTOZYME RANGE (Powder Formulation) 08.09.2009
AutoZyme: Uric Acid – Uricase


Long liquid stability : 12 months

Results via factor – 28 at 510 nm.

Interference of Bilirubin reduced by the addition of Ferrocyanide

Interference of Ascorbic Acid overcome by the addition of Ascorbate Oxidase

Pack – Sizes : 5 x 10 ml, 18 x 25 ml
INFINITE RANGE (Liquid Formulation) 08.09.2009
Infinite: Glucose ‘STAT’ (Liquid) – GOD – POD


Ready-to-use reagent

Both End-point and Kinetic method possible

End-point : 7 minutes; Linearity : 500 mg%

Kinetic : 1 minute; Linearity : 700 mg%

Results by endpoint via factor possible : 269 at 500 nm. – 510 nm.

2 standards provided : 100 mg% & 300 mg%

Pack – Sizes : 6 x 100 ml, 3 x 500 ml, 2 x 1010 ml
Accu – Stix



. Accustix is a test strip for semi quantitative estimation of Glucose and Protein in Urine.

. Accustix is a disposable ready to use plastic strip on which are affixed 2 reagent areas for testing Glucose and Protein.

. The principle used in estimating urine Glucose is Glucose oxidase / peroxidase and urine Protein is protein-error-of-indicator.

. Accustix reagent areas when dipped in urine sample provide semi quantitative results within 30 seconds.

. The Accustix test strip are packed in an air tight plastic bottle containing a desiccant.

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