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Company Figures
Number of employees 100-499
Sales volume 10-49 Mio US $
Export content max. 75%
Year of foundation 1981
Area of business ■Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology

Company Profile
About VBM Medizintechnik GmbH

Since 1981 VBM develops and manufactures high quality medical products. The meanwhile wide product range offers solutions for different applications. VBM focuses mainly on the development of new and innovative products in the fields of:

•Anesthesia / Intensive Care
•Emergency / Difficult Airway Management
•Tourniquets / Pressure Infusors

Product Information Product Categories Product

Anaesthetic equipment 13 Products
Connectors, connecting pieces for anaesthesia and resuscitation
Artificial noses for tracheal cannulas
Anaesthetic masks, breathing bags
Tubes for anaesthetic units, anaesthetic tubes
Tubing for anaesthesia and resuscitation
Rescue equipment and appliances
Rebreathing bags
Respiration masks
Emergency instruments
Surgical instruments and products
Blood barring devices
Instruments for hand and plastic surgery

Product Information of Product Category Anaesthetic equipment Airway Simulators 19.08.2009 In emergency every maneuver has to be correct as every second can be lifesaving. VBM offers different training models to teach these maneuvers on a simulator.

Intubation Trainer which allows the teaching of different ventilation and intubation forms under almost realistic conditions.

•Endotracheal intubation
•Fibreoptic intubation
•Transtracheal Jet Ventilation
•Mask Ventilation
•Ventilation with Laryngeal Tube, Laryngeal Mask, Combitube, Easytube
Cricothyrotomy Trainer
Ideal to practice Cricothyrotomy and Transtracheal Jet Ventilation. Skin and Thyroid Cartilage are exchangeable and can be replaced.

Transparent Head
Shows the anatomy of the upper airway in a cross section. Ideal to position Laryngeal Tube and Quicktrach.

Breathing Systems 19.08.2009
VBM specializes in the production of high quality components from reusable material. Respiration tubings are made from silicone and plastic connectors from polysulfone. Components are available individually. Sets are assembled according to customers request and supplied completely assembled and packed.

•Silicone respiration tubings
•Water traps
•Silicone Rebreathing bags
•Jackson Rees Systems
•Expiration valves
•PEEP valves
Connectors for breathing circuits can be found under the category “connectors”.

Connectors/ Catheter Mount Tubings 19.08.2009
VBM specializes in the production of high quality components from reusable material. Catheter Mount Tubings are made from silicone and connectors from polysulfone.

•Catheter Mount Tubings
•Y-Connectors for adults and children
•15/22mm Connectors
•Right Angled Connectors
•BROSU (for suctioning and bronchoscopy)
•Tube Inhaler (for application of aerosols)
•15mm Endotracheal Tube Connectors
•Meconium Aspirator
•Adapter Set
•Connection Pieces for Endobronchial Double Lumen Tubes

Cuff Pressure Gauges 19.08.2009
For inflation and pressure control on tracheal tubes with high volume low pressure cuffs.

•Reduces the risk of pressure necrosis and mucosal ischemia
•Aspiration risk with the possibility of pneumonia can be avoided
VBM offers ergonomic hand held cuff pressure gauges as well as an electronic cuff pressure gauge which always maintains the cuff pressure constant. Small leaks are compensated and possible pressure increase due to diffusion of anesthetic gases is released to the set value. This allows to seal with lowest pressures.

Endoscopy Mask 19.08.2009
The VBM Endoscopy Mask allows simultaneous ventilation and bronchoscopy of the patient to increase patient comfort and the working quality of the doctor. Indications are:

•Fibreoptic intubation
•Diagnostic airway Endoscopy
The use of Entonox (50% N2O / 50% O2) is ideal for minor procedures where pain is predictable and of short duration. Entonox can be self administered by the conscious patient via the mask. It has a rapid analgesic effect and allows an easy insertion of the endoscope through the hole in the membrane of the mask. Applications are:

•Trans Esophageal Echocardiography
Bronchoscope Airway

Specifically designed guedel type airway for bronchoscopy

•Lumen is large enough to guide bronchoscope and Endotracheal Tube
•External biteblock protects expensive equipment from damage
•Open side for easy removal after intubation

Guedel Airways 19.08.2009
The VBM Guedel Airway is significantly different to common Guedel type airways and offers various advantages:

•Manufactured from one piece
•Hard biteblock is external and therefore guarantees largest possible lumen without stricture
•Soft and rounded tube tip is atraumatic
•Tube is open at one side and therefore easy to clean
•Gap at the flange allows fixation of the Endotracheal Tube at the Guedel Airway
•all 8 sizes are available in either autoclavable or disposable version

Jet Ventilation 19.08.2009 Manujet
The Manujet III is a necessity for emergency rooms, crash carts, ambulances and operating rooms as it guarantees a quick and efficient oxygenation of the patient. The Manujet III is supplied in a complete kit with injector and jet ventilation catheters. The simple mechanical system is lightweight, portable and immediately ready for use.

Emergency use

•As a life saving maneuver in the “cannot intubate – cannot ventilate”situation for oxygenation to avoid a severe desaturation of the patient
•For prehospital use if there is an obstruction of the upper airway. Trans Tracheal Jet Ventilation (TTJV) is faster and simpler than a tracheotomy in emergencies with fewer complications
Elective use

•Micro laryngeal surgery
•Rigid bronchoscopy
•ENT surgery
•To assist a difficult fibreoptic intubation
Jet Ventilation Catheters (acc. to Ravussin)
Allows a safe and atraumatic transtracheal access for oxygenation/ventilation with a manual jet (Manujet III) or an automatic High Frequency Jet Ventilator

Anesthesia Set, single sterile packed, 5 Jet Ventilation Catheters per box
Emergency Set, single sterile packed, 1 Jet Ventilation Catheter per box

Laryngeal Tube 19.08.2009
The Laryngeal Tube is a supraglottic airway device for use in general anesthesia during spontaneous or positive pressure ventilation. In emergency it is an ideal adjunct to secure the airway during difficult airway management as an alternative technique to mask ventilation and tracheal intubation.

The Laryngeal Tube is available in a single lumen version (LT + LT-D) as well as in a dual lumen version (LTSII + LTS-D). With the dual lumen version the main advantages of Laryngeal Mask (easy handling) and Combitube (aspiration protection) were combined to develop an instrument to secure the airway.

Both versions are available as reusable products as well as disposable products to reduce the risk of cross infections.

Masks 28.10.2009 VBM offers a variety of face masks for use in anesthesia, intensive care and emergency use, autoclavable or for single use, with or without inflatable air cushion.

Pressure Infusion Cuffs 19.08.2009 Manual system for rapid I.V. infusion of blood and solutions. Ideal for ambulances, operation rooms and intensive care stations. Pressure Infusion Cuffs are made manually and stand for precision and quality.

Stylets/Introducers/Tube Exchangers 19.08.2009 VBM offers different adjuncts for the difficult airway to facilitate the placement of an Endotracheal Tube into the trachea (METTI, METTS, RIA). Due to its length METTI and RIA can also be used as a tube exchanger. Due to the inner channel RIA allows additional oxygenation. The Stylets are used to pre-form the Endotracheal Tube to facilitate laryngoscopy.

Tube Fixations 19.08.2009
VBM offers different Tube Fixations for Endotracheal Tubes (oral/nasal), Tracheostomy Tubes, Laryngeal Tubes or Laryngeal Masks.

VBM Tube Fixations do not require the use of adhesives on the patient’s skin. The soft materials are comfortable for the patient and prevent pressure sores.

Tube Holders/ Support Arms 19.08.2009 VBM offers different tube holders and support arms. It is possible to customize individual versions.

Support Arm with 3 joints
The three joint system fulfills highest demands as all three joints can be fixed with only one fixation knob. This allows an easy and fast handling. The support arm is very robust and can be adjusted in any position. Four different lengths are available for the use in anesthesia, intensive care and surgery.

Anesthetic Tube Holder with flexible rod
Height adjustable, with rigid support and flexible rod. Possibility of customized attachment of different tube holder plates.

Anesthetic Tube Holder with one joint and flexible rod
Height adjustable, with one joint and flexible rod. Possibility of customized attachment of different tube holder plates.

All accessories can be assembled to the VBM support arms and tube holders and are also available separately.

•Tube Holder Plates
•Endoscope Holder
•Pressure Transducer Plates

Contact Persons Department/ Name Contact / e-Mail
Jörn Kelch joern.kelch@vbm-medical.de

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