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69500 Bron, France

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Company Figures
Area of business ■Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology
■Physiotherapy / Orthopaedic Technology / Occupational Therapy

Company Profile
Implants for spinal surgery
Spineway is a french company specialized in the design, production, and marketing of spinal implants and instruments for spinal surgery.

Product Information Product Categories Product

Implants and protheses
Implants for spinal columns 1 Products

Product Information of Product Category Implants for spinal columns Arthrodese Range 21.09.2009 MONT BLANC : a complete solution for posterior thoraco-lombo-sacral arthrodesis that is characterized by its simplicity and reliability; it consists of monobloc screws, polyaxials, traction screws and hooks.
AYERS ROCK : an anatomical cage in stand-alone PEEK, designed for cervical arthrodesis.
TWIN PEAKS : cages in PEEK, for posterior intersomatic lumbar fusion. Very broad choice of sizes, heights and Spinal column surgery is constantly evolving and, consequently, so are the expectations of surgeons. Spineway consistently works toward improvement of instrumentation.

Our goals:
- Compact kits
- Light, balanced instruments that take up a minimum of space
- Intuitive instruments
- Easy decontamination and sterilization

RIFT : this is a lumbar distractor that provides in situ lighting in minimally invasive procedures for herniated discs. This device supplies shadowless light.

BIO-MATERIAUX : Spineway develops a range of bone substitutes in order to improve bone regrowth after arthrodesis. Different preparations are possible: gel with HAP Nanogel nanoparticles; injectable TCP/HAP SNOW powder.

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