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95520 Osny, France

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Company Figures
Number of employees 20-49
Export content > 75%
Year of foundation 1986
Area of business ■Diagnostics

Company Profile
For more than 23 years MELET SCHLOESING Laboratoires has been developing innovative and compact hematology analyzers. The MS9 and MS4, which were produced in thousands of units and sold all over the world, give from now evidence of reliable and high performance analyzers. The range now includes two 5-part-differential analyzers the MS4-5 and MS9-5.

The MS4-5 is a real new innovation: With only the size of an A4 foot-print it gives a complete CBC with 21 parameters in a few seconds.

The MS9-3 and MS9-5 combine performance and efficiency: With their Windows® based software they give to users comfort, simplicity and high quality results. Flexible, they are compatible with all types of external peripherals (printers, bar code readers, etc.).

Managed by the MS9-3 or MS9-5 software, the M-Sampler takes away the fastidious and biohazardous tubes handling. Its integrated barcode reader allows for positive identification and a full automation from sampling to results management.

The MS4e, the economical version of MS4 will astound you by its price and new features.

New! MS4-s. The speedy version gives you 2 possibilities on 1 machine : 3 Part Diff with 60 samples/hour and 5 Part Diff with 40 samples/hour.

The M-Scan II is MELET SCHLOESING Laboratoires new innovative clinical chemistry analyzer. It gives to users a total flexibility of doing small panels or choosing only the parameters they want with the ‘SELECT ROTOR’. With its dry chemistry technology a simple 3 steps procedure is needed to perform a full range of tests in a few minutes. The M-Scan II is also a cost saving and reliable analyzer that includes 40 built-in quality control and diagnostic functions.

MELET SCHLOESING Laboratoires is represented in 71 countries.

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Product Information Product Categories Product

Units and systems for clinical chemistry 1 Products
Blood sampling material and systems for clinical chemistry
Fully automatic units for clinical chemistry 9 Products
Haematology cell counters 1 Products
Cell counters with volumetric histogram differentiation
Cell counters with cytochemical histogram differentiation

Product Information of Product Category Units and systems for clinical chemistry Hematology reagents 19.11.2009 Since 2000, MELET SCHLOESING Laboratoires manufactures its own reagents in its Swiss facility, MELET SCHLOESING Pharmaceuticals.

Reagents are made of :
a diluant: ISOFLUX
a detergent: TRANSFLUX
a lysing reagent: ACTI-DIFF
an hemoglobin reference solution: HEMOREF
a rinse solution: RINSE

For 5-part-differential analyzers, an additional specific lysing reagent is necessary to differentiate the eosinophils : EO-DIFF

All reagents are available with different packaging adapted to our customers needs.

Product Information of Product Category Fully automatic units for clinical chemistry M-Sampler 11.09.2009
Auto sampler

Managed by the MS9-3 or MS9-5, the M-Sampler pierces the cap of the sample tube, reads the patient ID barcodes and transfers the sample to the analyzer for analysis.

MS mix 11.09.2009 MS mix
An efficient mixing for better results

The MS mix blood tube rotator gives gentle but effective mixing for up to 12 blood sample tubes from 200 µl to 5 ml.

MS4 11.09.2009 Small Price … Small Size … But oh so… SMART !

Sold by thousands of units worlwide since 1998, the MS4 is fully automatic and specifically adapted for emergency rooms, oncology centers, private or public laboratories, in hospitals and clinics. The MS4 gives in a few minutes a complete and reliable CBC with 3-part-differential

MS4-3 17.12.2009
The reliable Reference

Entirely automatic The MS4-3 is specifically adapted for emergency rooms, oncology centers, private or public laboratories, in hospitals and clinics. It gives a complete and reliable CBC with 3-part-differentia in a few minutes.

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MS4-5 17.12.2009
Our new 5-part-diff analyzer is really highly gifted !

With only the size of a “A4 foot-print”, the MS4-5 gives a reliable complete blood count and 5 diff WBC screening for an amazingly tiny price. Only a drop of whole blood is necessary to get a full 5-part-differential with 21 parameters and 4 histograms.The MS4-5 combines efficiency and compactness.

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MS4e 11.09.2009
Exceptional Affordability

Economic version of the MS4, the MS4e* allows to obtain in a few minutes a complete and reliable CBC with 3-part-differential without any superfluity.

MS9 11.09.2009 3-part-differential analyzer
So easy to use
Reliable and sturdy , the MS9 CBC analyzer with 3-part-differential has been sold worlwide since 1993.

MS9-3 17.12.2009 3-part differential analyzer with Windows power

The MS9-3-part-differential is issued from the latest technological innovations brought to the MS9 model sold by thousands of units all over the world. The MS9-3 combines performance and efficiency.
Fully automatic, the windows application now available in the MS9-3 allows in addition a more user-friendly interface, a greater flexibility and a compatibility with all kinds of applications and printers.

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MS9-5 17.12.2009 Discover a totally innovative concept in the field of 5-part-differential hematology analyzers : A unique power/compactness ratio with the MS9-5 !
Featuring fully digital powerfull electronics, a comfortable Windows ® user interface and a remarkably optimized mechanical system, its dimensions do not exceed those of a computerscreen.

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Product Information of Product Category Haematology cell counters MS4 s 18.12.2009 HAEMATOLOGY

2 Possibilities…

- 3-Part-Diff : 60 samples/h

- 5-Part-Diff : 40 samples/h

… 1 Machine

Contact Persons Department/ Name Contact / e-Mail
Eastern & Central Europe Area Manager / SAKAC Alfred +43 2236 28023
MELET SCHLOESING LABORATOIRES 9 Chaussée Jules César, 95520 OSNY, FRANCE, TEL : +33 1 30 75 30 00
North America Area manager / ADKINS Charles TEL : +1619 504 0699

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