LCH Medical Products

7, Rue de Thionville
75019 Paris, France

Phone: +33 1 42039676
Fax: +33 1 42037878


Company Figures
Number of employees 50-99
Sales volume 10-49 Mio US $
Export content max. 10%
Year of foundation 1993
Area of business â– Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology
â– Facility Management

Company Profile
About us
LCH medical products : The largest choice in Europe and the best results.
The best answer for each specific procedure and medical treatment.

An available and receptive team to help you to succeed in your organisation and transition to the disposable concept.

For 11 years, LCH medical products has been the forerunner in the matter of medical kits in Europe.

LCH is well ahead and can display daily expertise and advanced technology put at the exclusive service of the disposable products.

An astonishing quality-price ratio since LCH achieved all the economies of scale, in order to satisfy the most demanding hospital managers

Product Information Product Categories Product

Surgical instruments and products
Surgical disposable instruments 1 Products
Other general surgical instruments and equipment
Surgical plastic and rubber articles
Suture removal sets
Ear instruments and otoscopes
Scalpels and accessories
Scalpel blades
Vaginal specula
Endoscopes and accessories
Proctoscopes, rectoscopes
Disposable articles for hospitals 1 Products
Disposable gloves
Non-woven disposable products
Incontinence and stoma aids

Product Information of Product Category Surgical disposable instruments Kits 28.09.2009 Lch medical products is well advanced and can display daily expertise and technology put at the exclusive service of the disposable products (plastics, fiber glass, metal).

Amongs the different kits that LCH medical products offers, there are :
-Dressing kits
-Wound closure kit
-Suture removal kits
-Vesical Catheter Care Kits
-urgery preparation kits
-Cleaning and painting kits
-Bronchiolite kit

Product Information of Product Category Disposable articles for hospitals Disposable Products 28.09.2009 Each LCH disposable product is fitted with :
. The latest operational mechanism
. A high level of ergonomic which enable more precise movements
. A logic of quality dedicated to the medical treatment
. A very meticulous finalisation specially for the hospital environment

-Sterile and non sterile dressings
-Anatomical forceps
-Kocher forceps
-Sterile champs
-Metal needle holder
-Suturing forceps (stainless steel/glass fiber)
-Anatomical forceps
-Cheron forceps
-Lubricating jelly

and others ….

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