Dessillons & DUTRILLAUX

Z I de la Tuque
47270 Castelculier, France

Phone: +33 5 53878112
Fax: +33 5 53980156

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Year of foundation 1949
Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology

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The company, Dessillons & Dutrillaux, was founded in 1949 by Lucien Dessillons.

From the start, Dessillons & Dutrillaux has developed and manufactured equipment for medical diagnosis, orthopaedic surgery and medical intensive care.

Dessillons & Dutrillaux has always aimed at complete customer satisfaction by maintaining the quality of its products at the highest level.

Obtaining the greatest perfection in results is the maxim of medical diagnostics, and the accuracy, precision and reliability obtained with D&D products provides an answer to the most stringent demands of medical practice.

Optimal safety and ease of use are major features of D&D medical devices for orthopaedic surgery and intensive care.

All D&D medical devices and associated products are manufactured in accordance with French and European directives and laws governing medical devices, and thus all bear the CE label.

Dessillons & Dutrillaux has set up quality management systems which comply with the European norm ISO EN 13485 to provide the highest quality medical devices and associated services to its customers.

D&D products are used on every continent of the world.

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Electrosurgical instruments (HF) 1 Products

Product Information of Product Category Electrosurgical instruments (HF) ELECTRONIC TOURNIQUETS 04.11.2009
They are very simple to use, with pressurisation and depressurisation produced simply by rotating the pressure regulators.

A rapid deflation valve lowers the pressure at the touch of a finger, while the initial pressure is automatically provided as soon as the valve is released.

Pressure, time passed, mains or battery parameters are continuously displayed.

The timer automatically displays the time since the cuff was inflated. Audible warning every 30 minutes.

These systems provide optimal safety.

- Each pressure circuit is independent of the other,

- A battery provides 4 h autonomy,

- Tested automatically each time it is put into use,

- Audible and visual warnings indicate excess pressure, leaks, state of charge of the battery,

- Electronic pressure regulators.

Traceability :

A patient report may be produced after each procedure using the optional printer, showing any changes in pressure and the inflation time.

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