Olidef cz

Av. Patriarca, 2223
14031-580 Ribeirão Preto – SP, Brazil

Phone: +55 16 39199354
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Company Figures
Number of employees 50-99
Sales volume 1-9 Mio US $
Export content max. 25%
Year of foundation 1966
Area of business ■Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology
■Laboratory Equipment

Company Profile
Olidef cz
A Brazilian company that manufactures incubators, infant warmers, phototerapies, aspirators and compressors more almost 40 years.

Product Information Product Categories Product

Incubators 5 Products

Product Information of Product Category Incubators Baby Incubator Model 211 27.08.2009 This incubator model for therapy and intensive care of premature and high-risk newborns presents precise technical features, innovative design and practical operation.

General features:

Bodywork and newborn’s dome made of injected high resistance plastic, without live edges, with smooth finishing and epoxy painting.

X-ray chassis drawer.

Limiting Oxygen Valve with micro-filter.

Humidifying system with removable and washable water tank.

Incubator Inclination system of with hydraulic activation.

Patient access through oval openings, with silicon seals and removable arm cuffs.

Acrylic dome with prism form, with high transparency degree and double wall.

Low internal noise level.

Baby Incubator Model Scti Line 3 27.08.2009 This incubator model was developed for the intensive care of premature and high-risk newborns, with all resources for the development of the patient and easy operation.

Technical Features:

Micro-Processed control system

Simple or double wall cupola, made with high-level transparency acrylic.

Intensive care frontal door

Oval removable portholes, with auto clavable silicon seals

Newborn compartment totally manufactured in nonferrous material

Removable control panel module, facilitating the cleaning of all the parts of the Incubator

Air and NB Control temperature

NB’s skin temperature, desired temperature and air temperature digital simultaneous indicators.

Low internal noise level.

Large list of optionals

C – 71 Plus 27.08.2009 Compressor for medical, odontological and laboratory use, with a totally oil-free mechanism system and low noise level.

Compressed air pressure adjust control.

Support with wheels.

Diaphragm operation system.

Transport handle.

Heavy Duty electric motor for use in hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices.

Single nebulizer with mask, or double plug (with 2 masks) or quadruple plug (with 4 masks)

Note. Some ítems are optional

Model: LC – 5 27.08.2009 The LC5 Scale allows the user to continuously control the patient’s evolution and weight without removal from the incubator’s environment or infant radiant warmer.

Weighting capacity: 10 Kg.

Resolution: ± 1 gram.

Micro processed operation system, with alphanumeric liquid crystal display.

Tare key system that allows the scale to initialize with zero whenever necessary.

Independent Control Module and externally connected to equipment.

Input Frequency 50/60Hz

Automatic 110/220 Voltage selection.

Power cord cable with 3 pins

Transport Baby Incubator – Model RWT Microcessed 27.08.2009 Incubator designed for the transportation and removal of newborns and premature babies with high-risk, low weight and serious illnesses.

Technical Features:

Micro-Processed control system, with high precision level.

Self-test alarms.

Removable control panel with safety lock.

Operating modes: Manual (air temperature control) and Automatic (servo control of the NB’s temperature).

Air, NB’s skin temperature and desired Air temperature digital indicator.

Main alarms: hot and cold air, lack of energy (Network and battery), air circulation lack, overheating, system failure, discharged battery, inverted external polarity, hypothermia and hyperthermia and disconnected NB Sensor.

Low level internal noise.

Acrylic Cupola with double wall with two frontal and lateral patient access doors.

- Bodywork made of injected high resistance plastic, without live edges, with epoxy painting and smooth finishing to prevent dirt accumulation.

Removable oval portholes with autoclavable silicon seals.

Oxygen limiting valve with micro filter.

Built-in humidification system.

Two Rechargeable internal batteries with up to 4 hours autonomy.

Incubator support with casters in tubular steel (aluminum optional) and adjustable height.

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