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Company Figures
Year of foundation 1872
Area of business ■Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology

Company Profile
Raising the standards in Electrode Technology
Leonhard Lang GmbH designs, manufactures and distributes products for ECG, electrosurgery, defibrillation and stimulation as well as gels and fixations. As part of our continued commitment to provide the highest quality service and products and our desire to be able to continue to listen and meet your future requirements, we have formed strong partnerships with companies renown around the world. To justify your trust our quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and GMP and for some product lines to Annex II of the European Medical Device Directive.

We offer a widespread range of ECG electrodes satisfying every demand of the different application forms in diagnostic (resting, stress test & holter) and monitoring (long term & short term).

The ESU range covers split and non-split grounding plates, adult and children sizes, as well as appropriate accessories.

Uniquely, we design and build our own machines that are state of the art in manufacturing technology ensuring you quality products that are second to none. “Connect with quality” is our motto and our goal is to provide you with consistently reliable ECG electrodes. Our no compromise attitude to quality and variety at very competitive prices, undoubtedly is “Raising the Standards in ECG technology”.

Product Information Product Categories Product

Electrocardiography (ECG) equipment and accessories
ECG accessories (electrodes, etc.) 4 Products
Gel products
X-ray devices and accessories
X-ray film protection jackets
Ultrasound diagnostic equipment
Contact Media / Gels
Cardiac therapy equipment
Anaesthetic equipment
Sterile fixation of cannulas
Electrosurgical instruments (HF) 3 Products
Equipment and accessories for high frequency surgery
Neutral electrodes for HF-surgery 1 Products
Testing equipment for light conducting cables, HF cables and accessories
Electrodes and biosensors

Product Information of Product Category ECG accessories (electrodes, etc.) SKINTACT Diagnostic Resting ECG Electrodes 28.09.2009
The SKINTACT Easitab System – Your best choice for an excellent and safe resting ECG:
Excellent Trace Quality. The conductive adhesive Aqua-Tac hydrogel of SKINTACT Easitabs provides a reliable signal tracing of consistent high quality.Easitab FS-WB00 completes the range for demanding conditions.

Secure Adhesion and Patient Comfort. SKINTACT Easitabs feel soft but stick well to the patient’s skin. Their contact design prevents lift-off. After the ECG they can be removed comfortably – without loss of hair.

Superior Safety. Proper use of SKINTACT Easitabs eliminates cross infection whereas suction electrode bred bacteria and fungi.

Time Efficiency. Unlike suction electrodes, SKINTACT Easitabs on a handy card are applied quickly on all types of patients. Aqua-Tac gel requires no clean up after the ECG. Easiprep and Easiclip tab adaptors further facilitate your success.

SKINTACT Monitoring ECG Electrodes 28.09.2009
•the SKINTACT monitoring electrodes range offers a choice of standard or enhanced adhesive

•easy to open pouch and handling aids on all SKINTACT monitoring electrodes facilitate use

•protective backings of short term monitoring electrodes are impermeable to liquids present in surgical procedures

•breathable backings of long term monitoring electrodes provide superior skin friendlyness for long term use

SKINTACT Stress Test & Holter ECG Electrodes 28.09.2009
The professional’s choice
Excellent Trace Quality. Quick and consistently excellent signal quality is obtained with all three gels: Aqua-Wet, Aqua-Tac and Aqua-Set. Using our abrahesive paper SKINTACT Easiprep further improves trace quality.

Superior Design. Leonhard Lang’s Aqua-Set gel reduces motion artifacts ensuring a clear and stable tracing. The offset contact design of SKINTACT FS-VB00, FS-VB04 and W-VH01 further compensates the impact of patient movements on the signal significantly.

Secure Adhesion. The enhanced adhesive sticks reliably even when the patient is sweating. The protective foam backing is impermeable to liquids, SKINTACT stress test electrodes are therefore suitable for Echo, too.

Patient comfort. The light microporous backing of SKINTACT T-604 promotes breathability and ensures skin friendly comfort during holter ECG.

Easy to handle. The easy to open pouch and the handling aids on all SKINTACT stress test and holter electrodes facilitate use. Lead wires can be clipped on even more conveniently on our SKINTACT offset electrodes with de-centered snap, e.g. FS-VB01 or W-VH01.

SKINTACT Tab’n’Snap Electrodes 28.09.2009
•SKINTACT TAB’N’SNAP provides continuity of the ECG trace from the Ambulance to A&E WITHOUT the need to change electrodes. Transfer of Cardiac signal from Ambulance monitors to A&E is instant.
•Connection by Tab Clip or Snap/Pinch Connector.
•Radio translucency allows for X-ray procedures to be carried out without removing SKINTACT TAB’N’SNAP electrodes.
•Enhanced adhesive overlay ensures the electrodes stick securely to the patient’s skin without shaving or prepping.
•Aqua-Wet conductive medium provides fast reliable recordings without the need to prep and shave.
•SKINTACT TAB’N’SNAP universal compatibility with different clinical environments leads to a significant reduction in total cost.
Available as strips of 5 either in pouches of 50 or convenient packs of 10 electrodes (minimum uptake required).

Product Information of Product Category Electrosurgical instruments (HF) FCP-21 28.09.2009 Description: Footcontrol Pencil, 3 m
Type of cable connector: 4 mm
Quantity per case: 80

HCP-01HT 28.09.2009 Description: Fingerswitch Pencil, 3 m, standard blade + Tip Cleaner + Holster
Quantity per case: 30

Pencils & Tip Cleaners 28.09.2009
•Single use eliminates risk of cross infection.

•Sterile easy to open packaging.

•Unique 2 button mechanism never sticks.

•More cost effective than cleaning re-usable versions.

•Available with Tip Cleaner.

•Comprehensive range of accessories.

Product Information of Product Category Neutral electrodes for HF-surgery Electrosurgical Dispersive Plates 28.09.2009
The professional’s choice
•Unique C-LINE manufacturing produces ultra soft hydrogel which conforms perfectly to the body contours providing maximum safety.
•Low skin contact impedance ensures the plate stays as cool as possible during use.
•Flexible low profile foam, easy to mould provides excellent security.
•An enhanced adhesive border provides extra security should the plate be pulled inadvertently or come into contact with prepping solutions.
•Available in a comprehensive range of sizes, adult/pediatric, single/split and with or without pre-attached cable.

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Bettina Sarlay, Sales Leonhard Lang GmbH, Archenweg 56, A-6020 Innsbruck, Austria, Telephone: +43 512 33425-65, Fax : +43 512 392210
Burrhus Lang, President Leonhard Lang GmbH, Archenweg 56, A-6020 Innsbruck, Austria, Telephone: +43 512 33425-7, Fax : +43 512 392210
Daniela Lörgetbohrer, Sales Leonhard Lang GmbH, Archenweg 56, A-6020 Innsbruck, Austria, Telephone: +43 512 33425-58, Fax: +43 512 392210
Markus Muigg, Sales Leonhard Lang GmbH, Archenweg 56, A-6020 Innsbruck, Austria, Telephone: +43 512 33425-48, Fax : +43 512 392210

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